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Green Super Rice (GSR) ME&L

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About GSR

The Green Super Rice project aims to decrease hunger and increase the food and income security of resource-poor smallholder rice farmers, particularly women rice farmers, in five focal target countries of South Asia (India, Bangladesh), Eastern and Southern Africa (Tanzania, Uganda), and West Africa (Nigeria) through the breeding and dissemination of rice cultivars that are resource-use efficient and resistant to multiple abiotic and biotic stresses. In addition, small holder farmers in eleven additional target countries of Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnem, Pakistan, Laos and Sri Lanka), and six SSA countries (Mozambique, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Mali and Senegal) plus four western provinces (Sichuan, Guangxi, Yunnan and Ningxia) of China will also receive minimal supports from the GSR project in phase III.

Phase III (2016 - 2018) is organized into five major objectives:
  • Objective 1: Development of GSR varieties with improved yield, stress tolerance, and quality
  • Objective 2: Identification and dissemination of GSR varieties with improved yield, quality, stress tolerance, and input use efficiency
  • Objective 3: Seed of GSR varieties disseminated to farmers in SSA, India, and Bangladesh
  • Objective 4: New generation of NARES breeders will be trained in modern breeding technologies
  • Objective 5: Project impact will be assessed, highly effective project management and communication will be achieved, and exit strategy for long-term sustainability in the target countries will be developed